Bronx: Nominees, Nominators and their Nominations

We appreciate the nominations of everyone. All nominees were asked to submit an Appreciation Campaign that will also be shared on Social Media. You can find completed Appreciation Campaigns HERE .

All school counselors are welcome to attend our Annual Celebratory and PD event on February 7, 2020 from 8 – 1 pm at St. Francis College: RSVP Here.

My team is compassionate and committed to our students and our families.

She is a wonderful counselor. Students love her and she supports them so much. She also helps to connect us to outside resources.

I admire her work ethics and integrity.

She is a huge asset to our school community for over 15 years. She puts the needs of the students first and advocates for them to get the best services and accommodations.

She takes the lead in coordinating our mental health services. She facilities our weekly Student Intervention Team and ensures that no students fall through the cracks at our school.

She goes above and beyond for her students. She looks for opportunities to stretch them and I interned under her for a full year.

Based on her outstanding performance and many years of exemplary service to the students, teachers, and families.

Ms. Graham goes above and beyond for our students.

SO she knows that she is appreciated.

I am nominating Ms. Catherine Torres-Rodriguez because her contagious gregarious personality.

Ms. Rivera is dedicated to the betterment of all children in our community. She follows up, is relentless about getting services and support for families, and goes above and beyond the call of duty. The scholars love and appreciate her dearly. The teachers also work well with Ms. Rivera and she combines counseling with academic support.

He is an amazing role model and support for our students. He teaches classes every week on important topics and he counsels some students with really difficult issues. he is also always professional and a team player.

Person has gone above and beyond to support the PS 333 school community.

She is a epic researcher and has applied her knowledge to change the trajectory of our scholars lives. They love, respect and hold her in high esteem.

Consistency, Initiatives, dependable and resourceful

She drives every day from Monroe because she is so dedicated to our students and our school. She ensures equity for our bilingual students and helps them to do well academically and behaviorally. She always volunteers for special assignments related to our students.

Ms. Connell never backs down from doing what is right by her students. She pushes students to see and achieve their highest potential. Ms. Connell is selfless and goes beyond the duties of a school counselor for her students as well as staff.

He has taken on the new role of academic counselor and makes sure students are completing all of their work by holding study halls each day and after school. He is also the lead facilitator for our high school and college visits and high school fairs.

Gabi has spent years developing our school counseling program, training interns and developing close relationships with families. She truly is part of the heart of our school.

She is extremely hardworking and a team player. She has been in this position for many years but each years makes an effort to grow and create a safer environment for the students.

Gwendy is a strong advocate for the needs of our students and families. She is thorough, professional and consistent in her work. She has helped build our truly student centered environment.

Great collaborative spirit. Helps to bridge gaps in access for all students to have what they need and deserve.

He is dedicated to our students and their families . He works with passion and gives everyone 100%. He brings service opportunities to our school and teaches our students about empathy.

She goes above a beyond to make sure her middle school student have all that they need and always willing to assist them and parents. As a first year counselor she is doing a wonderful job.

Ms. A wears many hats within our learning community. She supports the social emotional learning of the students in our school community. Apart form being a social support for students, she is a wealth of knowledge of resources for our parents. She continues to help every member of our learning community by providing a specific skill set to teachers, which enhances the learning experience for all. She is a lifelong learner who continue to improve her craft and build her knowledge base. We are very fortunate to have her!

Truly dedicated to the social emotional health and academic success of all MS 129 children.

In a very short time, Ms. Capellan has had impact on our students and staff. She spearheaded our PBIS program last year and with her direction expanded the program this year to grades 3 and 4. Aside from her counseling responsibilties to mandated and non- mandated students, she has also taken the lead in bringing awarenes to our families in cyber safety through research and presentations. Her expertise continues to grow as she very willingly participates in a variety of professional learning opportunities that she then translates into practice with our students, teachers and families. She has become an important and valued member of my leadership team.

Has supported all students and school community above and beyond.

She is my director of counseling and under her leadership, our school has made a tremendous transformation in regards to Social Emotional Learning, the implementation of new systems and structures that provide interventions before suspensions, how students can participate in circles and mediation. It has transformed the school.

Taught me so much during my internship and I am grateful for the experience and lessons learned!

She has cultivated a stimulating, supportive and inclusive environment for our students. Providing guidance and motivating students to overcome personal challenges.

So she knows that she is appreciated.

Ms. Pierre is a wonderful member of our school team. She does not hesitate to step in and support our community, including students, staff and families. Ms. Pierre goes above and beyond in all of her duties and is a consistently reliable presence in our school. She is professional, dedicated and passionate about our students’ well-being and she is very caring. Ms. Pierre ensures that our school environment is one where all of our students feel loved.

Mohammed is a cosmopolitan school counselor with the ability to relate to multiple cultural groups . He is humble, empathic and a team player to the end. He is creative in his ability to find solutions to help young people become better versions of themselves.

She is an extremely hard worker who cares deeply for the well being and academic success of her students.

We have maintained excellent status in graduation (90%), college readiness (above 70%) benchmarks, our students have attended and currently attending colleges such as Columbia University, New York University, Gettysburg, Emory and several others. Mr. Hogg’s work s central to all of these achievements. He currently manages all student grades, serves as or programmer for teachers and students, guidance counselor for multiple cohorts of students and serves on our COSA (student activity team). He is also a valuable member of our attendance and restorative justice team. Our students and school community due to his service.

I am nominating Ms. Silvia Molina because she is school counselor that truly deserves to be recognized for her work over the years. She has handled countless issues involving our students, and parents with determination and grace. The students and staff alike know that she is the “go to” person in the building and seek her assistance in all matters. She always tries to remain upbeat, looks for the positive outcomes, and focus on the good. It is my honor to nominate Ms. Silvia Molina for this recognition as she takes on every challenge that comes her way and helps everyone around.

Taught me so much during my internship. I am forever grateful!

Ms. Stewart goes above and beyond to make sure there are no stones un-turned in her efforts to make the school fit the student and not the student fit the school.

Because she impacts the lives of each and every member of our school community each and every day.

Valerie has been dedicating to helping underserved youth overcome challenges since I’ve known her, which has been for 15+ years. She has sought alternatives to discipline and helped families find support for issues troubling their children.

Constently goes above and beyond

She is always finding ways to support children. She makes the unthinkable thinkable. She is compassionate and action oriented.