Brooklyn: Nominees, Nominators and their Nominations updated 02/21/20

We appreciate the nominations of everyone. All nominees were asked to submit an Appreciation Campaign that will also be shared on Social Media. You can find completed Appreciation Campaigns HERE .

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Adrian has gone above and beyond to make sure that our school runs well. She has especially been of great help to me as I don’t have an AP at this time.

I would like to nominate Ms. Aime Ferdinand for recognition as an outstanding guidance counselor. I have worked with Ms. Ferdinand for three years as her Assistant Principal. My experiences with her have all been positive. She is tireless in her commitment to our school and our students, consistently going above and beyond her job description to impact academic achievement, post-secondary preparedness, and personal-social development. Ms. Ferdinand is committed to students’ academic needs. She not only addresses students’ social, emotional, and physical needs so they are better prepared for their academics, she also teaches academics directly. Last year Ms. Ferdinand chartered our very first chapter of the National Elementary Honor Society at P.S. 59 to recognize the outstanding academic achievements of our scholars. She serves on the School Leadership Team, helping to allocate funding streams, such as Title I money, to better meet students’ academic needs. Academic achievement is highly connected to attendance, and Ms. Ferdinand is engaged deeply with our school’s Attendance Team, meeting individually with chronically absent students on a daily basis to improve attendance, planning and hosting awards ceremonies to honor improved attendance, and recognizing classes with high attendance through monthly pizza parties and bimonthly awards ceremonies. She also organizes our Disney Musical, an annual production put on by our students that engages them in multiple aspects of the arts, including singing, dancing, and visual arts. Perhaps most indicative of her dedication to academics, Ms. Ferdinand helps to organize and lead small group instruction during our twice weekly “Specially Designed Instruction” periods, where students are grouped according to academic need and assigned to educators throughout the building to help fill academic gaps. As a testament to her flexibility and commitment, during these periods it is common to see Ms. Ferdinand teaching test sophistication and confidence building techniques to a group of 5th graders in the hallway, in the corner of a classroom, or in the library—wherever there is a bit of space! Another aspect of Ms. Ferdinand’s role is preparing students for their post-secondary lives. Although we are an elementary school, Ms. Ferdinand plans, organizes, and chaperones trips to many colleges. She also organizes and leads “College Week”, where students and teachers come together to talk about the college experience and promote college awareness throughout the school. In addition, she plans and coordinates our “I Have a Dream” series, a set of monthly college and career readiness workshops where she invites professionals and soon-to-be professionals to speak about their college and workplace experiences and help our students begin to set goals and plan for their lives after high school. Our students, 100% of whom are classified as economically disadvantaged by the city and many of whom will be the first members of their families to go to college and become working professionals, create vibrant post-secondary plans and envision themselves as college students and professionals because of the experiences and guidance Ms. Ferdinand offers. Personal-social development is the domain where Ms. Ferdinand adds the most value to the school, influencing students and teachers across all the grades. She plans and leads professional development sessions on trauma informed teaching practices to the entire school staff. Last year she planned and led an overnight staff retreat to develop personal connections among the faculty. She creates and teaches a curriculum for “Rites of Passage”, a program she designed for our 5th graders to help them develop the social and emotional skills they will need to be successful in middle school and beyond. She manages our new Sensory and Gross Motor Skills room. This setting, enriched with special lighting, sounds, and opportunities for tactile stimulation, provides an engaging, multi-sensory environment for counseling sessions, as well as occupational and physical therapy. Seeing Ms. Ferdinand work with a group of students in this room is a truly emotional experience. As students lose themselves in the environment, they open up in ways I have never seen before in a classroom. The sessions are emotional, stress relieving, and educational for all involved. Ms. Ferdinand is a fantastic guidance counselor. She discharges the duties of her job with superb aplomb, exceeding her job description on a daily basis. Because of her commitment to academics, post-secondary planning, and personal-social development, I nominate Ms. Ferdinand for recognition enthusiastically and without reservations. Please feel free to contact me with any questions about my experiences with her.

Ms. Ferdinand is an awesome guidance counselor who goes beyond the call of duty everyday to ensure our students receive all the services they need to succeed. She is also a great advocate for our students and their families and have been instrumental in bringing various programs to our school. The impact of her work is extremely evident at our school and she is truly the most devoted and hard working guidance counselor I have seen in the DOE.

She puts her whole heart into the work. She is innovative, creative and cares deeply about our scholars and the community we work in. She makes the work personal and you can see a difference in the scholars she works with.

I am nominating Albert because he is relentless when it comes to supporting the students in our community. He stops at nothing to ensure their safety, success and their mental/emotional well being. Finally, I nominated him because I don’t think he even knows how amazing and fabulous he is. He needs to take a bow!

Ms. Rankin goes above and beyond her call of duty. She helps parents and students with everything and anything that they may need including helping them to find housing, HS applications, getting them gifts for the holidays, etc.

Allison is the most dedicated person. She goes above and beyond going above and beyond. She and I don’t work at the same school, but I’ve been tying to poach her for years. I don’t know anyone else who is a fiercer advocate for children.

He is a team player committed to helping students and our school community.

School Guidance Counselor very supportive of our students success and achievements.

Excellence in their field

Ms. Melo has been doing an excellent job this year as our school guidance counselor

I am Nominating Mr. Argento because he makes every effort to support our students. Thank you!

Excellence in their field

I am nominating Chelsea because of her passion and dedication to the students in our community in whatever way or capacity she can. They don’t call her “Make it happen McCain” for nothing!

Mr. Reynoso is dedicated, passionate, and committed to his profession as a school counselor and to the students he serves. He goes above and beyond the call of duty as a contributing member of our school community, evident in his interaction and collaboration with teachers, parents, administrators, and community-based organizations, higher education representatives, and other education partners passionate about the success of our students.

Ms. Green is dedicated to the students here and she goes above and beyond to ensure that they receive what they need. She is patient, caring, and kind. The staff and the students love her. She is the epitome of a great high school guidance counselor. Although her workload is often heavy, she never complains. She is a gem

She deserves it

Crystal is a deeply caring individual who supports our students and helps them through difficult circumstances. She is truly special.

Because this is here first year with us and the students already see her as their advocate, safe space and unconditional support. She hit the ground running and she hasn’t stopped yet!

Mrs. Jimenez is a consummate professional who pays keen attention to detail and organization when it comes to performing her duties. She has truly become more than a counselor, but also a second “mother/guardian” to many of our scholars.

She goes above and beyond to make sure all teachers and students have strategies to cope during stressful times.

Because he deserves to be recognized world wide and not just by our school community.

Daraliz is a team player, an advocate for all of her students, and someone who cares deeply for the well being of our community.

Denise goes above and beyond to provide support to all of the students as well as to the staff in our school. Her nurturing and professional demeanor makes everyone feel cared for and comfortable enough for them to be themselves. She always maintains a positive outlook on life and encourages everyone in our school to do so as well. She’s willing to lend a helping hand and put others before herself. She deserves to be recognized for her kindness and how she is a terrific model for our Middle School students.

Denyse gets very little public credit for the work she does. She deserves to be recognized and appreciated.

She is a phenomenal guidance counselor! she is patient, highly effective at what she does, but most of all serves as a mother figure for our students. They know she is their champion. She is constantly advocating for the students, always has their best interest at heart.

Ms. Eze sees the very best in all of us and our children need to hear that daily. We appreciate her kind spirit and loving heart towards our entire school community.

I am nominating Ms. Eze because she is extremely compassionate and fair as she addresses our students. Additionally, she always offer support to both students and families.

She is an outstanding and dedicated school counselor.

Ms. Caba is a great support to the 6th grade and students with disabilities population at MS126. She supports our students with transitioning to middle school and provides counseling for our students. Our students with disabilities work closely with Ms. Caba to ensure that their counseling needs are met. She provides professional development and in-class support to students, parents and teachers around topics such as testing and bullying.

Ms. Euthemia Perruzza is an awesome counselor. Every day she shows up ready, willing and able. No matter the task , she is on it! Ms. Perruzza is an A+ counselor !

We are nominating this person because she works hard to support her students and the school community. The children look forward to their time with her. She listens to them and encourages them to be their best and to use the strategies she has taught them. She has made a difference in the lives of the students she services.

Ms. Drepaul is simply the BEST! She goes above the call of duty to nurture our entire school community.

Gina Shedid is a unicorn! She speaks Arabic and is essential in our dual language program and helps Arabic students that come from trauma in Yemen.

He has a great knowledge of the job, but more importantly, he is a kind, compassionate person who understands how important counseling is for elementary age students. It should be a mandate that all NYC Public elementary schools have a full time Guidance Counselor. In an age of mass school shootings , child abuse, and teen suicidal ideations, it is important to identify these potential risks as early as possible.

Mr. Lew is someone that I look up to and have learned a lot from over the past 10 years. I want to make sure he knows he is valued. As school counselors we don’t always hear gratitude from those we are trying to help.

Dedicated years of service

Ms. Louis always goes up and beyond the call of duty to support her students and the vision of the school. She is true advocate for them and inspiration to the entire school community.

For her dedication in advocating for all students at our school and ensuring that they receive information to help them achieve graduation from HIgh School and continue their education.

For her dedication, professionalism and passion she demonstrates to helping our students and school community.

Mrs. Matthews always goes above and beyond for the staff and students at our school.

Mrs. McGrath always has the best interests of the students at heart. She is always helping administration, teachers, and parents find the best strategies that will work with the students to help them succeed.

Mrs. Griffith has gone above and beyond for our students, families and staff. She is seen as a caring and genuine person. Her willingness to jump in and help whenever needed makes the tough situations easier to manage. She takes the initiative to bring resources to our community whenever there’s a need.

Ms. Crowell has gone above and beyond for the students of Madiba Prep. Often she will work on the weekend to take them to college tours, social events or to audition for a high school. Her dedication to the students of District 16 should not go unnoticed.

Because of his transformational work with our students

Because of his transformational work with our students

Latica gives up her personal time to support all students needs.

Ms. Newton is an excellent Guidance Counselor and valuable staff member to everyone at PS/IS 323

Ms. Moore is not only an amazing Guidance Counselor but offers emotional support to all the students at School for Classics High School and deserves recognition.

She deserves it!

Ms. Hobson exemplifies all the qualities of a guidance counselor who care about the well being of students.

Ms. Hobson exemplifies all the qualities of a guidance counselor who care about the well being of students.

I have a profound respect for Ms. Victorica and her deep commitment to our students and school community. It is important to note that Ms. Victorica compassion, outstanding efforts and dedication is an asset to our school, and we are fortunate to be able to have her as part of our staff.

ge Now. I have a profound respect for Mrs. Smith and her deep commitment to our students and school community. It is important to note that Mrs. Smith compassion, outstanding efforts and dedication is an asset to our school, and we are fortunate to be able to have her as part of our staff.

Ms. Altaheri goes above and beyond her call of duty. She helps parents and students with everything and anything that they may need including helping them to find housing, HS applications, getting them gifts for the holidays, etc.

Mr. Garcia is an amazing Guidance Counselor and College Advisor to all the students at School for Classics High School and not celebrated enough.

Ms. Moran has always been out in front for our children and understand the pulse of our building. She is always there for our children and continues to give them their strategies, but most importantly being the kind heart and the listening ear for our children of P.S. 115.

Because she has shown incredible initiative, dedication, and passion for working with student that face tremendous obstacles. We have one of the highest performing transfer school in NYC and her contributors are a large part of that.

She is selfless, determined, and won’t stop until she meets her goal.

They are deserving of this recognition

Ms. Menard goes “beyond” to support our staff, students, and families.

She’s an amazing school counselor to our students and adults alike.

The counselor is the only counselor in our school who handles all crisis and intervention issues. She manages student issues while keeping students whole.

Patricia Gonzalez is an amazing Guidance Counselor who inspires students to succeed!

Paula has gone above and beyond as the anchor of the college office, helping students for over 2 decades successfully be admitted to the college of their choice. She makes dreams happen. So many students still keep in touch with her, this is a testament on the impact she has had on their lives.

Qiana is an exemplary school counselor, who always goes above and beyond. She is an absolute star, and is too humble to nominate herself.

Ms. Dorancy is selfless. She has dedicated her time to ensuring that all of her students succeed even when the students don’t reciprocate the effort. She gives up much of her personal time to find great opportunities for our students and has cultivated a great team to help her with this work.

Ms. Jompulsky is an extremely caring and supportive individual, who always thinks about others. She is dedicated and committed to her work. She is always mentoring students, giving sound advice to families and is always there to support our school community during difficult times.

Because she is an awesome and fearless leader in her new role as the Department Chair for Team Counseling.

She is in my school two days a week. During this time she provides services to our mandated students, at-risk students, and siupports students who need her services.

Rosio has brought a levity and calm to our community that is welcome and needed. She is caring and kind to all of our students.

I am nominating Samantha because she triumphantly managed college application season on her own, while being totally new to our community. I am very grateful for the work she did to ensure all of our seniors applied successfully to the colleges of their choice.

Zamora is a great support to the teachers and students of the school. He serves in so many capacities in the school one cannot begin to name. He guides our students and their families through the high school application process. He is also a cornerstone of the school and the community, having taught and supported the school community for over 25 years.

As a first year counselor, she has already had such an impact on our community!

Ms. Montgomery looks out for all students, especially those who may fall by the road.

Ms. Washington has served our community for 9 years and has consistently gone above and beyond the call of duty. She is an exceptional professional who carries out all her endeavors with both passion and diligence. She is heart of our students and so valued by our school.

The Guidance Counselor has demonstrated years of great service

Timisha Harvell is an amazing school counselor who goes above and beyond! She is fully committed to this work and our students and parents love her. She provides a safe space for them to be vulnerable while feeling safe and respected.

Because of their dedication to our children

Ms. Holloman goes above and beyond her duties as a school counselor to make sure students and their families are supported. She cares deeply about her work and deserves recognition.