Danielle Lammering – PS 280Q (Qns)

Danielle Lammering – PS 280Q (Qns)

National School Counseling Week 2021

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10 thoughts on “Danielle Lammering – PS 280Q (Qns)

  1. aileen plaza

    You are truly a Gem to our school community and our families. You are the sparkle that keeps our school community shinning with your events and words.

  2. Nefertiti Smith


    We hope that you are thriving in a space where you valued and appreciated. Your role is crucial to your school community. We celebrate you!

  3. Asma Dorria

    We are blessed to have you at our school☺️. Thank you for everything you do from individually checking in on our students, all the wonderful events to silly dress ups and going above and beyond for our students. We and our students appreciate you very much!

  4. Henderson :-)

    Ms. Lammering!

    Happy National School Counselors’ Week! We are so lucky to have you at PS280Q! Your dedication, vision, and HEART are unlike any others. You go above and beyond for not only our students but our staff as well. Thank you for all you do, you are appreciated more than you realize!

  5. Rachael Bard

    Thank you Ms. Lammering for finding ways to support the teachers in the building as well as the students. You go above and beyond for us from Zumba classes, happy hours, and of course our favorite – weekly meditation sessions! You touch all of our hearts and make us feel loved. We LOVE you!

  6. Jennifer Stalzer

    Dear Ms. Lammering,

    There is not enough space for me to write how much you have helped class 219 this year. They look forward to your visits and activities that help them in their social emotional learning. The students look forward to checking our virtual bucket and all the activities that you post for them to do. They love your office and they adore seeing you in the hallway.
    From my heart and the students heart, we appreciate everything you do !
    Ms. Stalzer and Class 219

  7. Jennifer Stalzer

    Thank you giving the teachers an opportunity to release any stress or tension the pandemic might have caused to us personally.
    Ms. Lammering offers meditation Mondays before school hours. She offered this when the pandemic began and she does these meditation classes virtually. It helps teachers to release any tension as she guides us in performing the task to meditate. Ms. Lammering ends the session with a quote and in June she made us a book so we can continue these practices during the summer. Since the meditation worked so well from March to June she continued it in the Fall and we are currently still meditating on Mondays to help us deal with any stress.
    Thank you Ms. Lammering for supporting the teachers in our school community.
    Jennifer Stalzer

  8. Lauren Nieves

    Happy School Counselor’s week!
    This week we celebrate you and your hard work and dedication to the students, staff, families and community at PS 280Q. You’re appreciated!

  9. Lauren Nieves

    Happy School Counselors Week! Today we take time to celebrate you and your hard work. Your commitment to the students, staff, families and community does not go unnoticed. You are appreciated!

  10. Julie Soriano

    Ms. Lammering is an amazing guidance counselor. I no longer work with her but I have yet to work a more dedicated guidance counselor. Her commitment to the students, families and teachers she serves is amazing and she works tirelessly to provide for them all.

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