Manhattan: Nominees, Nominators and their Nominations

We appreciate the nominations of everyone. All nominees were asked to submit an Appreciation Campaign that will also be shared on Social Media. You can find completed Appreciation Campaigns HERE .

All school counselors are welcome to attend our Annual Celebratory and PD event on February 7, 2020 from 8 – 1 pm at St. Francis College: RSVP Here.

Ms. Perez, is the most amazing and supportive school counselor

Ms. Terrero makes sure that each of her students receives the services that they need and that all of their educational needs are meet to the best of her ability. She does not rest until the job is done.

She is a dedicated school counselor who goes above and beyond to support our students on a daily basis.

Danielle has been such a consistent and big presence at our school this year where we are seeing a lot of staff transitions and some staff leave during the middle of the year, which has really presented a lot of challenges for students and families. She has taken on additional duties in our cafeteria, running Morning Meetings, and all with a smile on her face. She puts our kids first and has been making strong relationships with families.

I am pleased to nominate Ms. Darimir Pérez for the 2020 School Counselor Award in recognition of her outstanding leadership and tireless efforts in addressing and raising awareness about issues of bulling, cyberbullying, college and career path, equity in our community and creating a positive and inclusive school culture. As School Counselor, she is a vital member of our educational team, helping all students in the areas of academic achievement, social/emotional development and mental health, ensuring our students become the productive, well-adjusted adults of tomorrow.

Ms. Stern is such an essential person at our school on so many levels. She truly is an amazing school counselor. There is an amazing level of trust within everyone in the community and Ms. Stern.

Here at Brooklyn HS for Leadership and Community Service your commitment is appreciated!

Services are so effective with this candidate we thank you!

Darlene is always there for our students and for their families. Her kind and caring way is essential to them and to their success.

Because Elise has almost two decades of service to the children of PS 347, always putting them first and being hugely invested in their future success.

Because Elizabeth is doing a remarkable job to provide hope and voice to the most needed ones. Her energy, passion and relentless determination to touch every student in a unique way are paving the way for our students’ success.

Dr. Blanchard joined our school in 2016 as our Clinical Director. She has stepped into the position and created a cohesive clinical program that fully addresses each of our students’ diverse needs. She has strengthened our home/school connection and fully supports the emotional needs of our parent body as well as our students.

Working with our students is so dynamic


Service is impeccable

Ms. Garcia is one of the most dedicated, motivated, genuine , caring and responsible counselors I have ever encountered. She has been in the system for over 30 years & continues to be the same person each and every day with her students. I am honored and privileged to have known her for 27 of those years.

Because Mr. Oliver knows how to speak to students to make them feel important and heard. I have see Mr. Oliver in action and he knows how to help his students.

She is an amazing guidance counselor who loves our students.

Although early in what we hope will be a long career as a school counselor, Jason has demonstrated great care, concern and commitment to his role. He is strategic in his approach to designing supports and responsive to crisis. Each student case is unique to him and he is thoughtful in his support of the whole community.

Working with our students patience and kindness

Jessica and I have worked together for over 10 years, and she is essential to the well being of our school community. She is there for the kids, and they know they are safe when they are with her. She also has helped hundreds of students get into the best high schools for their needs.

Dr. Wurzel consistently advocates for her students, whether with regards to their academic standing and programming decisions made to best suit each student’s individual learning needs, their college and career pathways, or their socialemotional well-being. She is very present in classes and in face-to-face communication, both with students and families. She works extremely hard in collaborating with the entire guidance department, school programmer, teachers, and the students themselves in order to make well-informed decisions that support students and set them up for success. She is fiercely determined, passionate, and dedicated to successful outcomes for her students.

For the last 8 years, Julie has become one of the most resourceful, thoughtful and impactful counselors I have seen. Our school would not be the same without her work and efforts, and our students ability to thrive is directly impacted by her work.

She rocks, take care of all our kids and works tremendously hard.

because Ms. Daza treats every student as if they were her own. She gives these student the love that somethings they get no where else.

Kimberly is an invaluable member of our school team and she is highly effective, professional, and calming.

Outstanding job supporting school in guidance and wellness activities.

You are so patient and kind here at Brooklyn HS for Leadership & Community Service we really appreciate you!

Here at Brooklyn HS for Leadership and Community Service we really appreciate all the time and supportive counselling you display daily with our community

This candidate services are amazing and you are Appreciated!!

She is a wonderful counselor who reaches out to all in our school community and also outside organizations to provide resources and support. She is always sensitive to the needs of others and gives so much of herself, especially to the most neediest of children.

Dynamic school counselor!

Ms. Estrella goes above and beyond for our children and community.

I am nominating Ms. Estrella because she goes above and beyond the call of duty. She’s not only amazing to children but to adults and anyone that comes in contact with her. She deserves this nomination and any award that comes with it because of her extraordinary years of service to the DOE as a counselor.

Her endless commitment to the children she serves.

Makes a positive impact in the lives of our students.

Mary gives so much of herself to all of our community members. She goes well beyond the mandates of her job.

She is new to our school and she is already making a difference for our community.

As per the Principal request.

goes above and beyond the call of duty

Without him our students could not achieve success. He is an academic support system as well as social emotional support system.

I am nominating Tricia because she is instrumental in maintaining a safe and welcoming environment for our school community.

Rease goes above and beyond on a daily basis to support our students.

I have worked with Rebecca since 2006. She makes me a better principal, and supports students, teachers, and families to be their best selves.

Because she makes all her students feel loved.

Seth Arzt handles a large caseload and is meticulous and supportive of each and every student.

The support Shauna provides the students as they face challenges is essential to their success. She is always there for them and is their advocate.

I am nominating this person because she goes above and beyond her job not only for the students but for the staff as well. She carries a lot flawlessly.

Your service for our community goes above and beyond ~ thank you for all you do~

Stephen has dynamic leadership skills and we appreciate all he does for this community.

Ms. Santana is an amazing counselor dedicated to helping her students meet personal and academic success. She has done an amazing job being the sole guidance counselor at the school.

Ms. Dimanche is simply awesome! A selfless individual who cares fiercely for our students!!!

Trisha is such a wonderful and caring person. She works extremely hard for all scholars. Trisha ensures that our school community is strong and supported through any situation.

See above.