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Natasha Green is an educator, entrepreneur, and advocate for school counselors and women in tech. Raised in the Bronx, NY Natasha was raised to always value education, and throughout her life, that’s what she’s done. In high school, she was a part of the honors class and always excelled in math and science. While attending college on an athletic scholarship, she received her Bachelor’s in Chemistry, went on to get a Master’s in Mathematical Education, Master’s in Mathematics Education, and most recently a Master’s in Computational Chemistry.

At the age of 23, Natasha got a dose of personal development that set her on a path different from her parents and family members. She attended a seminar that left a lasting impression on her and opened her mind up to entrepreneurship and limitless possibilities in life. While working for others, she noticed that she had a passion for creating opportunities for others while also helping people unlock their potential. Over the years that’s precisely what Natasha has done.

In 2005 she created her first Non-Profit organization, Hidden Gems Inc., an organization that creates athletic and academic opportunities for youth and adults in urban communities. In 2008, she received her first grant to bring archery to NYC public schools. This endeavor led her to have a for-profit business in 2013 called Hidden Gems Archery LLC (HGA), a company that goes into urban neighborhoods to introduce people – young and old, to the sport of archery. HGA is certified as an MWBE and has an MTAC from the NYCDOE lasting from 2019 to 2022.

Concurrently, Natasha founded an EdTech startup called WeIntervene in 2014 while working on her archery business. As her previous role as a Dean of Discipline at DeWitt Clinton High School, she knew the importance of resources for our school families. She envisioned WeIntervene as an online Referral Management System, empowering school counselors to find, share, manage and monitor community resources needed by students and their guardians. The scope of resource provision spans health and wellbeing, counseling, and extra-curricular programs. 

Along her path of building an EdTech startup, she realized that appreciation and advocacy for our school counselors took precedence of an online tool. Going into her 6th year of celebrating school counselors for National School Counseling Week in NYC makes her realize she is going in the right direction. Her vision is to have workshops targeted and ignited by the counselors in the community. With the long term vision of ensuring resources – money, personnel or tools, to be added to schools’ budgets to ensure student support staff have what they need to be successful.


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