Queens: Nominees, Nominators and their Nominations

We appreciate the nominations of everyone. All nominees were asked to submit an Appreciation Campaign that will also be shared on Social Media. You can find completed Appreciation Campaigns HERE .

All school counselors are welcome to attend our Annual Celebratory and PD event on February 7, 2020 from 8 – 1 pm at St. Francis College: RSVP Here.

Miss Warfield is committed to the helath, welfare, and well-being of the students of SFACA. She is a highly dedicated and caring school counselor.

Our school counselor is very passionate about advocating for our newcomer students. He is constantly advising and double-checking on where they’re at in the High School Application process and he is proactive about reaching out to the students and families during this process. Mr. Joza always helps students with their social and emotional problems by giving advice and guidance through any situation. He also involves students in projects with photography, yearbook design and multicultural events. He takes part in many school committees: School Leadership Team, Safety and CPI Teams, Graduation/Senior Events, Student Perception Survey and other administrative duties. Mr. Joza always has a good attitude and a smile on his face. Thank you Mr. Joza!

Has served as a school counselor for over 25 years and is dedicated to serve and protect our most undeserved population. Ms. Joseph visits homes, attends outside events that our student are having, and brings 1000% to every task she is assigned, all for the greater good of the students!

Awesome and hard worker, extremely dedicated school counselor, comes into work even if she is sick!

Ms. Chin is a consummate professional who demonstrates such energy and charisma on a daily basis. She is a total team player. She advocates for children and partners with parents and staff to ensure that every day, every child has the best moments of their lives. In addition to all of the mandates on her plate, she goes above and beyond decorating our school for every event. She sees the leader and genius in all students and works diligently to have everyone else see our children through that lens. We are blessed to have her.

I am nominating this person because he is a team player and does what he can to support our school community.

Jackie Sekunda is an asset to Our Lady of Mercy Catholic Academy. She dedicates her time to ensure that the needs of all students are met. She works on life skills and drug and alcohol prevention in 10-week courses from Grades K-8. She has excellent communication skills and lets the parents know how her students are progressing. She also helps to facilitate parent workshops such as social media awareness and anti-bullying seminars. In addition, she also works on team-building with the faculty. She has been crucial to the safe and welcoming school environment at OLMCA.

She is an amazing team player and she is always willing to lend a helping hand to students, staff, families, as well as the community. She is outgoing and supportive and always looking for new ways to engage our youth. She is down to earth, hard working, reliable, and sincere. She is someone you can count on. She is underappreciated and deserves some recognition for all she is and all she does to make the world a better place, one student at a time!

Outstanding, goes above and beyond

Awesome school counselor.

This person is always going above and beyond for our students, the school and the school community.

She is dedicated and committed to the students, parents and teachers. She goes beyond the work she does. We are grateful on the impact she has had on our students.

Karol Parra excels in what she does for the benefit of all students

Ms. Parra has the perfect Karma for what she does. Students love going to her and her professionalism shows her knowledge and experience even when dealing with the parents. She is a true team player and is always willing to assist whenever needed. She is a pleasure to work with and knows her job and knows how to work with the community. She is a star winner.

Ms. Parra is a dedicated hard worker who does her job with all her heart.

She is the only Guidance Counselor in the school due to budget cuts. This is a huge caseload and she works with dedication and commitment to our students.

Awesome, dedicated, energetic and amazing! Thank you for all that you do!

She is a very dedicated, honorable and diligent person.

20+ year veteran on the School MH Team. We have evolved the last few years under new administration and PBIS framework. Paige has adapted to the changes with energy, excitement, and open-mindness. She is an advocate for Deaf, DeafBlind, and DeafDisabled students.

Ms. Semper goes above and beyond daily! She is passionate, committed and dedicated to our students and our school.

Ms. Pollack have been working very hard with our young people, she is the counselor for all three grades and gives each child the same considerations and attention.

I have had the pleasure of working with Shirley in the college access world for over 5 years now. She has always impressed me with her creativity, compassion and excellent organizational skills. She is a champion for undocumented students and multiple language learners. I am proud to know her as a colleague.

This person is always going above and beyond for our students, the school and the school community.

Exemplary service to our school community.

Mr. Lumetta has given three decades of his life to supporting students through crises and, at the same time, guides them through the complicated and ever-changing college process. He is also our programmer and ensures that students receive the academic support they need to flourish. He does it all and does it well.