School Social Workers

What is a Social Media Appreciation Campaign?


Basically, a campaign where any individual can join no matter where they are in the world. We are based in NYC so have deeper ties in this community but we would love for anyone who is a student support staff to join.

That being said, we appreciate student support staff by having a virtual celebratory/networking event and we include a social awareness component. You can join one or both parts of the event.

  • Part 1: Virtual Celebration Sign up HERE
  • Part 2: Social Appreciation Campaign
    Submit your nomination HERE

What would we do for the Social Appreciation Campaign?

  • We create the Thank You png
  • We create the Quotes png
  • We will share with you the links to your campaigns
  • We will post your png under the hashtag #AppreciationCampaigns @weintervene, and #NSSWW21 on Twitter and tag your leaders and school during your celebratory time